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Nirvata Spinal ChiGong Octaves

24 vertebras in three 8-day processes

Spinal ChiGong

ROOTS - Lower eight vertebras - Bodies

A tree is only as strong as its roots going deep. The lower eight vertebras are the host of direct current. This kind of electricity is similar to that of a battery. Storing up energy and making it available through the expression of our strength. Each lower vertebra expresses a different kind of power, our sense of truth. Being able to generate strength and using it to align each vertebra, one over the other, we build our posture from the base upwards. The Roots process creates a space within for grounding ourselves electrically.

SPHERES - Middle eight vertebras - Chakras

The seven chakras are energy centres serviced by the spine. In meditation it becomes absolutely important to have a straight spine. The life energy moving up the spine can sometimes jump from chakra to chakra. The Spheres process enables us to guide our energy in a flowing stream of bio-electricity rising up the spine. Water always seeks balance and to rest in equality. Bringing composure to our nervous system the inner fire can begin to heat our electromagnetic energy, raising its vibration in preparation for the jump from electricity to light.

WINGS - Upper eight vertebras - Frequencies

Our ability to fly high is dependant on our depth of grounding. As when the clouds bring rain to the mountains the river is formed. This flows down to the ocean where the clouds pick it up again through evaporation. This evaporation is the essence of the Wings process. Allowing life energy to accumulate and grow within the lower eight vertebras establishes our strength. Through the power of alignment the energy passes up the spine via the chakras and becomes more and more refined. Now it is time for transformation where our bio-electricity can take a jump into light. We become full of light from within the spine. This light grows and grows until we overflow.

Three eight day processes - also possible as a 24 day process.