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Individual Sessions in Nirvata Pulse Bodywork

Eye Reading

These sessions begin with an eye reading to determine where it would be best to work. The human iris is like a computer chip clearly showing the internal map of our nervous system. All past, present and future potential is evident when looking in the eye. We choose the deepest tension still operating and discharging this from the skeleton we eliminate our bad habits from the very roots.

Shocks either emotional or psychological are easy to recognize and then uniting these past episodes with the pulse beat a beautiful wave of release comes as you adjust your watcher from that time to here-now.  Pain and suffering are vulnerable to the beat of the heart and gladly dissolve when a gentle loving touch is received. Come, let us show you that being healthy and maintaining it can be blissful.

Session time 90 minutes

First session 130 Euro; every next session 110 Euro.

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